Great ideas must be shared with the world. The best way to do it is using these strategies:

Success Story

Cobra Golf improves his SEO

To make a big impact with its new product, Cobra needed to adapt and optimize its website to reach the group of consumers interested in the sport and grew more in a small period.

Company searches grew.
More clicks were registered (the biggest increase of the brand)
Of the traffic received by the website were buyers.
Purchase clicks on the site.

The objective

Launch the product and increase the brand presence

To achieve this goal, we began to understand how potential customers were looking for a product and which buying factors influenced on their purchase decisions.

Solution & Strategy

Better keywords, better consumers

To get potential customers find the product, the company's website needed to have texts that included words with the highest search numbers. As well, Using social network strategies to get people to talk about the brand.


Digital wins again

With an strategy focused on what consumers searched, together with campaigns and social media strategies, the company registered a 111% increase on the website and more tan 500K buying clicks on the targeted product.

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