Social Media Marketing

95% of your buyers are registered in Social Networks as; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. How much do you value your client?

Success Story

Social media marketing

Under Armor sportswear company achieved to boost sales and increase its user base, thanks to the strategy of marketing in social media made on Facebook.
of the traffic website was increased through Facebook.
Of the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) was reduced compared to other media.
Of the traffic received from the website came from social platforms.
Increased on the total sales.

The Objective

Correct products for each campaign

From the first day, the company needed to lean on a business platform like Facebook to reach more people. Being an e-commerce site, it was necessary to put together an excellent digital marketing strategy to achieve the goals, optimize budgets and get the right potential clients. The objective was to increase the number of prospects received, which consequently resulted in an increase in total sales.

Solution & Strategies

Productos correctos para cada campaña

To reach the objectives campains were created for each client profile that was wanted to reach, that was posible by using Facebook tools correctly.


More clients = more sales

Facebook became one of the top 5 media that generates sales on the business. In addition, 80% of new registrations to the website were achieved thanks to the campaigns displayed on Facebook. It also achieved a 7% increase in the total sales of the company. In terms of reach, more than 3 million people saw the ads displayed on Facebook.

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