Web Design

You must be updated with the best technology and communication strategy. Your website is the showcase for your products or services.

Success Story

Showing innovation and art

The Hublot company needed to teach people what does it means to own a Hublot watch, so they redesigned their website, to show their history, innovation and the process involved in making a watch, in such a way that motivates their potential customers to visit boutiques or department stores where Hublot were sold.

The Objective

Great impact, simple user experience

It was necessary to design a website focused on showing the products and the great Hublot editorial content. The website design key part was to emphasize Hublot collaborations with different people and brands, such as Ferrari, Dallas Cowboys, Depeche Mode, Paris Saint Germain, among others.

Solution & Strategy

Let the watch tell the story

A focused strategy was defined and executed to reduce the search time of some products and increase the number of visitors through a correct optimization.


The perfect watch for each client

Thanks to the new site navigation system, unnecessary filters were reduced which was fundamental so the users could find the watch that best fits them. The new optimization and energetic use of images allowed Hublot to increase visits to its website by 30%, resulting in a 4% increase in sales.

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